Portions of frittata in Carbs & Cals app

Carbs & Cals App

The award-winning app for counting nutrients and tracking the food and drink you consume.

The Carbs & Cals app is your pocket diet pro! In the kitchen or on the go, you can count nutrients at a glance and enjoy your food with confidence.


Why this app is unique

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Nutrition Confidence On Tap

Understand your food with a tap and a swipe!

Portions of pasta twists in Carbs & Cals app

Spontaneous lunch dates, dinner with family and friends, baking with the kids… it can feel like a constant juggling act to keep on top of healthy eating and know what you’re putting in your body.

It’s not just socialising – holidays, business trips or even just long drives can require lots of thought when it comes to your food choices.

That’s why we’ve created the Carbs & Cals app. With this award-winning app in your pocket, you’re never more than a tap and a swipe away from easy nutrient awareness and food tracking!

Barcode Scanner

Fastest way to
Check Nutrients

The app now includes a Barcode Scanner, with live up-to-date nutritional info for all your favourite UK brands. Find over 204,000 foods & drinks in a snap!

Also includes own-brand products from the big UK supermarkets and smaller food shops too.

Thousands of Foods

Find Your Food

Carbs & Cals is the only diet-tracking app to use food photos. Whatever you’re eating, you’ll be sure to find photos, calorie counts and more in our extensive database.

  • 204,000+ UK foods & drinks.
  • Common ingredients and favourite dishes.
  • Everything from salads to takeaways.
  • Popular brands and restaurant chains.

Spaghetti carbonara with nutritional information in Carbs & Cals app
Portions of penne pasta in Carbs & Cals app

Six Portion Sizes Per Food

Choose Your Portion Size

If you don’t have scales to hand, measuring portions and calculating nutrients can be tricky. Luckily, the Carbs & Cals app does the work for you!

Simply choose from up to 6 portion sizes and compare the photo to the food on your plate for an easy, reliable nutrient count.

The Full Picture

Track Your Diet

Counting calories is just one part of a healthy, balanced diet. With the Carbs & Cals app, you can see the whole picture.

  • Track carbs, calories, fat, protein & fibre.
  • Monitor 5-a-day fruit & veg.
  • Record alcohol intake.
  • Log your meals in your own daily diary.
  • Set your own targets and track progress.

Chicken tikka masala with nutritional information in Carbs & Cals app
Custom meal in Carbs & Cals app

Make It Your Own

Personalise Your App

The Carbs & Cals app features handy tools to help you tailor the app to your lifestyle. With a few quick taps, you can:

  • Add your own food photos to build a database of your favourites.
  • Create custom, nutrient-counted meals.
  • Adapt meals & recipes to fit your goals.

Your Personal Nutrition Pro

Food choice confidence anywhere, anytime…

The Carbs & Cals app puts the power to manage healthy eating in your hands. No matter where you are or what you’re eating, you can count your carbs and calories and track your diet with just a few taps.

In the kitchen or on the go, the app gives you everything you need to make informed food choices. All that’s left to do is enjoy your meal!

Try it now for free and see for yourself…

Chicken burger with nutritional information in Carbs & Cals app
Chicken burger with nutritional information in Carbs & Cals app
Portions of orange juice and juice list in Carbs & Cals app

What happens when your free trial ends?

Love the app? Save 57% and pay just £3pm* for an annual subscription, or pay £6.99pm for a monthly subscription.

Not for you? Cancel before the end of your risk-free trial and pay nothing at all.

*Annual subscription charged in single instalment of £35.99 per year.

Free Trial

Try the Carbs & Cals app FREE for 14 days

Try the app now and enjoy all the unlimited premium features free for 14 days:

  • 204,000+ foods & drinks.
  • Up to 6 portions per food.
  • Barcode scanner (inc UK supermarkets).
  • Brands, restaurants and fast food.
  • Unlimited custom foods and meals.
  • Track carbs, calories, protein, fat, fibre.
  • Monitor alcohol and 5-a-day fruit & veg.
Download the app now to get started!


Starter Plan

Just need the essentials?

The Carbs & Cals app also comes with a free Starter option that covers the basics. It features:
  • A database of 1,700 foods.
  • Up to 3 portions per food.
  • Carb and calorie counts.

Here’s how it compares to the Unlimited plan…

Starter Plan

Foods Basic database (1,700 photos)

Up to 3 portions per food

Lookup Search

User Data Dashboard / diary

My Foods (limited to 6)

My Meals (limited to 6)

My Recipes (limited to 6)

Nutrients Carbs and calories only

Devices Phones & Tablets

Unlimited Plan

Foods Full database (204,000+ photos)

Up to 6 portions per food


Fast food


Lookup Search

Barcode Scanner (inc UK supermarkets)

Custom weight

User Data Dashboard / diary

My Foods (unlimited)

My Meals (unlimited)

My Recipes (unlimited)

Track personalised Targets

Generate and export Reports

Nutrients Carbs, calories, protein, fat, sat fat, fibre, 5-a-day, alcohol

Blood glucose icons

Devices Phones & Tablets
Only £3pm (paid annually)
or £6.99pm (monthly)

Already bought the OLD Carbs & Cals app??
You’ll get free lifetime access to the LEGACY Plan, giving you all the foods & features in the old app.
You still have the option to start a trial or subscribe to the UNLIMITED Plan to enjoy the full benefits of the NEW app!

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“Fantastic app! I have tried countless calorie / nutrition counting apps and this has to be the best I have ever tried. Really easy to log foods and drinks and count calories. Really easy to set up and personalise to your needs. Love the photos of the foods and serving sizes, which makes it so much easier to log my meals. Love this app and well worth the price!! ★★★★★”


“I already had the book which is helpful so I decided to give the app a go. Really pleased I did! My aim is healthy and balanced eating. This app is so easy to use – it does a lot of the work for you. For me it frees up valuable time as I no longer obsess about counting calories, fat, fibre etc. I can put my energy into doing other things. I also find the visuals comparing portion sizes great for assessing how much I food I really need on my plate. Brilliant, thank you.”


“This little app shines when others failed. You match pictures of your plate and it tracks carbs and cals. It’s also supported by a host of books and recipe ideas. A lot more too, this review doesn’t give it its justice. Real UK 🇬🇧 support.”


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