History of Carbs & Cals

Celebrating 13 years of the award-winning nutrition and carb-counting system.

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  • Dietitian Chris Cheyette and photographer Yello Balolia research and create test booklets (see below) using food portions to show carb counts in different portions of commonly consumed foods.
  • The test booklets are well-received in clinic by people with diabetes, so Chris and Yello decide to produce a full book containing over 1,200 food photos. Carbs & Cals is officially born!
Chris Cheyette
Yello Balolia
Original Test Booklet
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  • Chris and Yello set up Chello Publishing and publish the very first edition of Carb & Calorie Counter (known then simply as Carbs & Cals).
  • Diabetes UK quality review the book, give the stamp of approval, allowing their logo to be added to the front cover.
  • Chris and Yello launch the Carbs & Cals app for iPhone.
Carbs & Cals 1st Edition Book
Original Carbs & Cals iPhone App
Carbs & Cals Book In Association with Diabetes UK
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BDA British Dietetic Association Awards Winner Trophy 2011
Old Carbs & Cals Android App
Carbs & Cals Carb & Calorie Counter Roche Edition Book with AccuCheck Blood Glucose Meter
Old Carbs & Cals Flashcards
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  • The Carbs & Cals app wins the New Product of the Year award at the Complete Nutrition Awards.
  • Carb & Calorie Counter reaches the coveted #1 spot in the weight loss, diet and nutrition category on Amazon.
CN Complete Nutrition Awards Winner Trophy 2012
Carbs & Cals Ranked Number 1 in Diet & Nutrition Category on Amazon UK
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Carbs & Cals Old Carb & Calorie Counter Book
Carbs & Cals Old Pocket Counter Book
Carbs & Cals Rank 29 on Amazon UK
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  • The Carbs & Cals educational resources win the Best Dietary Management Initiative award at the Quality in Care Diabetes Awards.
  • Chris and Yello publish 50 free educational PDFs on the Carbs & Cals website, covering everything from carb counting to managing hypos.
QiC Diabetes Awards Winner Trophy 2014
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  • Chris and Yello publish the 5:2 Diet Photos book for those following the 5:2 diet.
  • They also produce a Carb Counting Quiz resource on behalf of King’s College Hospital and the Diabetes Education Network.
5:2 Diet Photos Book Cover
Carb Counting Quiz
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  • Carbs & Cals undergoes a rebrand, with a new logo, colour scheme and style.
  • The 6th edition of Carb & Calorie Counter is published in the new style.
  • Chris and Yello publish the Carbs & Cals Soups, Smoothies and Salads recipe books.
  • The nutritional values are updated in all Carbs & Cals resources.
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Carbs & Cals Logo
Carbs & Cals Carb & Calorie Counter Book Cover
Carbs & Cals Salads, Smoothies & Soups Book Covers
Carbs & Cals Carb & Calorie Counter Book Page showing Per 100g Tables
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Carbs & Cals Very Low Calorie Recipes & Meal Plans Book Cover
Old Carbs & Cals App Screens
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Carbs & Cals Gestational Diabetes Book Cover
Dutch Edition Book Cover
Carbs & Cals Carb Portion List Booklet Cover
German Edition of Very Low Calorie Book Cover
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Carbs & Cals World Foods Book Cover
German Edition Book Cover
QiC Diabetes Award Winner Trophy 2019
BDA British Dietetic Association Awards Winner Trophy 2019
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Carbs & Cals New Branding
Carbs & Cals Video Thumbs
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  • A brand new website is launched.
  • The Carbs & Cals app was rebuilt from the ground up, and launched on both Android (July 2021) and iOS (December 2021) so all customers have the same app.
  • Chris wins the BDA’s Outstanding Achiever Award (which recognises someone who has created significant impact throughout their 10+ year career) for his work on Carbs & Cals.
New Carbs & Cals Website
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  • 2 new books published: the Carbs & Cals Meal Planning Guide and Carbs & Cals Weight Loss Guide.
  • Our ongoing relationship with UK-based app company Pocketworks strengthens, and we’re able to add new foods to the Carbs & Cals app each and every month, as well as regular feature and improvement updates to the app.
  • The app’s database grows from 5,000 to 22,000 foods & drinks by the end of the year.
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  • We form a partnership with BrandBank to implement a barcode scanner into the Carbs & Cals app, increasing the number of foods from 22,000 to a whopping 130,000, and the feature makes it much quicker for users to look up foods.
  • Ramadan foods were added to the app, and 6 free Ramadan PDF resources were made, to help with carb and calorie awareness during Ramadan.