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Our free nutrition mega-pack features over 50 cheat sheets, recipe guides, food lists & calculators to make reaching your health goals that little bit easier.

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What’s inside?

Effortless Everyday Eating

Food & Drink

  • Easy, at-a-glance sheets for foods you eat most.
  • Everything from fruit and vegetables to snacks and drinks.
  • Calorie and carb counting info and meal-planning ideas.
  • Handy tips on fibre, protein and other nutrients.
Get my Free Nutrition Mega-Pack
Takeaways, easter eggs and Christmas dinner healthy PDFs

Never Miss Out Again

Special Occasions

  • Cheat sheets for your favourite holiday treats.
  • Tips and tricks for enjoying special occasions.
  • Takeaways, Easter & Christmas dinner covered!
  • Advice for enjoying alcohol in moderation.
Get my Free Nutrition Mega-Pack

Understand Nutrients!

All About Nutrients

  • Nutrition awareness guides to help you master the essentials.
  • Understand calories, carbs, protein, fat and fibre.
  • Meal-planning ideas and tips for adapting recipes.
  • Snack and weight loss guides.
Get my Free Nutrition Mega-Pack

Knowledge Is Power!

Get Started with Healthy Eating!

  • Calculate your personalised calorie requirements.
  • Learn about healthy meal planning.
  • Know how many calories are in alcohol.
  • Reach the recommended 30g fibre each day.
Get my Free Nutrition Mega-Pack

What’s included?

  • Healthy eating cheat sheets.
  • At-a-glance food reference sheets.
  • Meal-planning tips.
  • Ideas for adapting recipes.
  • Bonus tips, recipes, videos and news directly to your inbox.

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