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Carbs & Cals Salads is the ultimate recipe book for tasty, nutritious salads. Choose from our delicious, dietitian-designed recipes or get creative with DIY ingredients, all fully nutrient-counted and ready to enjoy!

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Carbs & Cals Salads

The only salad recipe book you’ll ever need!

Carbs & Cals Salads Open Book Pages

75% of bestselling salad recipe books feature no nutritional information at all.

Salads are a great option for a healthy balanced diet, but choosing all of those ingredients yourself can be a real hassle.

Carbs & Cals Salads has got you covered! Our dietitian-designed recipes are already nutrient-counted, so mixing up a delicious, nutritious salad couldn’t be easier!

Sensational Salads

80 Tasty Salad

Salads don’t have to be boring!

Carbs & Cals Salads is packed with easy-to-make salad recipes that look and taste fantastic.

  • 80 mouth-watering salad recipes created by dietitians.
  • The perfect dressing to complement each recipe.
  • Clear, colour-coded nutrient counts on every page.
  • Veggie, vegan, meat & seafood options.

Salad dressings with nutritional information in Carbs & Cals Salads book

Dressed To Impress

20 Delicious

Add the perfect finishing touch with a low-effort, high-flavour dressing. Carbs & Cals Salads features dietitian-approved, nutrient-counted dressings to supercharge any salad!

  • 20 delectable dressings.
  • Choose from spicy, tangy, creamy, herby or fruity dressings.
  • Colour-coded nutrient info for carbs, calories and fat.
  • Quick and simple to make.

Get Creative With Confidence

350 Individual

Want to mix it up? Carbs & Cals Salads also features hundreds of individual ingredients so you can create your own tasty, nutrient-counted recipes.

  • 350 individual ingredients.
  • All your favourite veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and proteins.
  • Ingredients for dressings and toppings.
  • Multiple portion sizes per ingredient.
  • Easy-to-read nutrient counts.

Carbs & Cals Very Low Calorie Recipes & Meal Plans Book Page with Vegetable Portions
Carbs & Cals Very Low Calorie Recipes & Meal Plans Book Page with Vegetable Portions

Nutrition At A Glance


Carbs & Cals Salads is one of the only salad recipe books on the market that features nutritional information for every recipe. Why do the sums when we’ve done them for you?!

  • Calorie counts.
  • Carbs, fat and saturated fat.
  • Protein, fibre and 5-a-day.
  • Simple, visual, colour-coded format for quick reference.

Tofu salad with nutritional information

The Best Of Both Worlds

Get the bestselling
Carbs & Cals Salads now

Carbs & Cals Salads Book Cover

Most salad recipe books are only concerned with the taste.

When you’re trying to keep track of the food you eat, you need nutritional info too. You’ll find both in Carbs & Cals Salads.

With this sensational salad guide, you can enjoy all the benefits of a hearty, nutritious salad, without the hassle of counting every last lettuce leaf!

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“This is the best healthy food book by far. Not only does it have loads of great recipes, it shows protein, fat and fibre content too. Also lots of photos and info on portions, dressings, sauces, 5 a day. Am using the book all the time not just for salads. Brilliant!”

Mrs M

“Wow!!!!! A stunning book of beautiful photos, inspires one to eat it all. A great deal of nutritional info. It’s packed with lovely salads, dressings and more and more. I would thoroughly recommend this book. If you up for a salad book this might be the one for you!”


“Fabulous Salads. The best salad recipe book I’ve seen! Healthy doesn’t mean the same old, same old. Looks good and the calorie counts really useful. The range of salads one can use is really imaginative. Just love it!”


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