Carbs & Cals Poster - Basmati Rice Portions with Nutritional Information

Poster Set for
Diabetes HCPs

A simple visual resource for educating people with diabetes on dietary management.

Based on our award-winning Carbs & Cals resources, this set of 10 posters breaks down complex dietary management information into a highly visual, easy-to-understand format for people with diabetes. An ideal education tool for all HCPs involved or interested in:

  • Type 1 diabetes care
  • Type 2 diabetes care
  • Gestational diabetes care
  • Weight management
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Carbs & Cals HCP Poster Set

Used by Diabetes HCPs Nationwide

Carbs & Cals Poster Set

As a HCP supporting people with diabetes, you know that learning to manage type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes can be challenging. HCPs throughout the UK use the Carbs & Cals Poster Set to help patients:

  • Develop skills like carb counting, calorie counting and portion control.
  • Make sense of nutritional info and dietary needs.
  • Understand the blood glucose effect of popular foods.

Display these easy-to-read A3 posters in patient areas or use them as learning tools in individual and group sessions.

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Easy, Visual Education Tool

Simplifying Management

The Carbs & Cals HCP Poster Set includes 10 full colour A3 posters featuring:

  • Photos of 16 popular foods and drinks.
  • Up to 3 portion sizes per food.
  • Clear, colour-coded values for carbs, calories and fat.
  • Icons showing blood glucose effect.
  • A carb and glucose explainer sheet.
  • Nutrition tips and recommendations.
  • Further Carbs & Cals resources for HCPs and people with diabetes.

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Carbs & Cals Poster Set