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Carbs & Cals
World Foods

Enjoy your favourite global dishes with the award-winning world food guide.

Carbs & Cals World Foods is packed with traditional African, Arabic, Caribbean and South Asian favourites. Created by community health experts, it helps you eat healthily and still enjoy the tastes of your culture.

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Carbs & Cals World Foods

A World of Cultural Favourites

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Your traditional dishes are an important part of your cultural heritage.

If you’re a member of the UK’s African, Arabic, Caribbean or South Asian communities, it can be hard to find nutritional info for your favourite foods and drinks.

You can still enjoy them with Carbs & Cals World Foods! This guide is designed to help you easily count the carbs and calories in beloved dishes and recipes from all over the world.

Choose your community below to find out what’s inside.

South Asian

African Foods & Drinks

Favourites from across the African continent, including tilapia and banku, cambuulo, mushadanya, egusi, jollof rice and zobo.

Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Beef Stew, Pap & Greens Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Fish Stew, Coconut Rice & Plantain Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Peanut Soup & Fufu Portions

Arabic Foods & Drinks

Traditional Arabic dishes like tagine, kebab, hashweh, kibbeh, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, houmous and laban.

Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Kibbeh, Khubz & Salad Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Baklawa Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Carrot Juice, Laban Ayran & Mint Drink

Caribbean Foods & Drinks

Caribbean favourites like ackee and saltfish, fish and dumplings, curried goat, fish stew, plantain, yam and punch.

Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Caribbean Dumplings Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Curried Goat Rice & Peas Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Fried Plantain Portions

South Asian Foods & Drinks

Traditional South Asian dishes like curries, dal, dosa, samosa, pakora, naan, chapati, basmati rice and lassi.

Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Aloo Gobi & Chapati Portions
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Dosa & String Hoppers
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book with Gulab Jamun Portions
QiC Quality in Care 2019 Winner of Diabetes Collaboration of the Year
Dr Joan St John & Salma Mehar with Carbs & Cals World Foods book

Award-Winning and Expert-Designed

Created By Community Health Experts

Carbs & Cals World Foods was co-written by Dr Joan St John (GP) and Salma Mehar (Diabetes Specialist Dietitian).

Experts on nutrition in BAME communities, our co-writers offer trusted health advice based on years of community experience. Their award-winning work is approved by the NHS and various health groups, so you can rest assured your health is in good hands.

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Unbeatable Variety

750+ Food & Drink Photos

Carbs & Cals World Foods features 750 high-quality photos of world foods and drinks.

It includes delicious cultural dishes like:

  • African cambuulo, mushadanya, egusi, jollof rice, banku and zobo.
  • Arabic tagine, kebab, hashweh, baba ghanoush, houmous and laban.
  • Caribbean ackee and saltfish, curried goat, fish stew, plantain and punch.
  • South Asian curries, dal, dosa, samosas, basmati rice and lassi.
Carbs & Cals World Foods Book Page with Spaghetti Portions

Portion Power

Three Portions
Per Food

You might not always be able to measure your food portions and do calculations. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying your favourite foods!

Carbs & Cals World Foods features carb and calorie counts for up to 3 portion sizes per food. Simply compare your plate to the picture and check the nutrient circles for easy portion control.

Know Your Nutrients

Nutrition Guidance

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is about more than just carb and calorie counting. Carbs & Cals World Foods features:

  • Calorie counts, carb and fat content per portion.
  • Blood glucose icons to show the effect of foods on your blood glucose.
  • Begins with a 32-page introduction of expert nutrition advice to help you eat a healthy diet.
  • A helpful badge showing which foods are good sources of fibre.

Basmati Rice Portions with Nutritional Information

Enjoy Your Favourite Foods With Ease

Get the award-winning
World Foods

Carbs & Cals World Foods Book Cover

A healthy eating plan doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying traditional foods of your culture.

  • Cook your favourite dishes with confidence.
  • Forget complicated calculations.
  • Spend less time planning your meals and more time enjoying them!
With Carbs & Cals World Foods, understanding nutrients is as simple as turning the page. Click the button below to get your copy now!



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word for it.

“All information in the book was an eye opener. I am very keen on healthy eating and this book has been such a great resource. I have shared this with my family. I am grateful I came across this book when I visited my GP. Thank you!”


“Great for those who love ethnic foods. This is a fantastic book for people who not only have diabetes, but are keen to look after themselves. The book has detailed pictures so you know exactly what the food is. I particularly like how it details how much carbs, cals and fat there is in each food.”


“Best carb, fat and protein counting book for all! Excellent not just for diabetics but for everyone wanting to meet health goals, and to sustain them. Also excellent for all healthcare professionals for a basic understanding of food / carbs.”


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