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Pocket Counter is the simplest way to understand food choices on the go. It contains the same foods as the larger Carb & Calorie Counter, but only 1 portion of each – perfect for when out and about.

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Palm-Sized Version of the #1 Bestseller

Nutrition Knowledge in your Pocket

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Having the necessary nutrition information to hand when out and about can feel hard.

If you’re overwhelmed when away from home, Pocket Counter is here to help!

This expert-approved visual guide shows you at-a-glance calorie and nutrient content for all your favourite foods. No stressing or guessing – simply turn the page, check, compare, count and enjoy!

Unbeatable Variety

750+ Food &
Drink Photos

Pocket Counter is one of the only calorie and nutrient guides to feature food photos.

In fact, we’ve packed more than 750 of them into this one handy book!
  • Individual foods and ingredients.
  • Popular dishes, spreads and sauces.
  • Fast food, takeaways and snacks.
  • Vegetarian and gluten-free options.
Whether you’re at work or eating out, you’ll be sure to find your favourite foods and drinks inside.

Know Your Nutrients


Counting calories is just one part of a healthy, balanced diet. Pocket Counter gives you the full nutritional picture, empowering you to make informed choices.

  • Calorie and carb counts.
  • Protein, fat and saturated fat.
  • Fibre and 5-a-day fruit & veg.
  • Colour-coded for easy reference.

Banana with Nutrients

Put The Freedom Back Into Eating

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Carbs & Cals Carb & Calorie Counter and Pocket Counter Books

Healthy eating doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a delicious, nutritious and varied diet.

We recommend having both books so you’ve got the larger Carb & Calorie Counter (with more portions) when at home, and the mini-me Pocket Counter to keep in your bag while on the go. We’ve got you covered!

With the two companion books, it’s as simple as turning the page. Click the buttons below to get your copies now!



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word for it.

“Essential for anyone who eats! Just the right size to pop in my bag, and gives details of “”eating out”” meals too! Great help in keeping my calorific intake in check. The problem of portion size is also addressed as this clever book shows a photo of every item, which is the best, virtually idiot-proof way I have ever seen to count calories!”


“Best purchase in a long time! It has become my food bible. I don’t know how I have managed for so long without it! Quick and easy access to carbs and calories in one small book. I would certainly recommend it to anyone as it is very easy to understand.”


“Just brilliant! Small enough to get to know the sections quickly and to leaf through easily, but has a really extensive selection of foods. Glad I bought this – been so useful already and only had it a few days.”


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