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Watch the 3 minute video:

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Snack Swaps! 15 Low Calorie Alternatives

Snacking is a common way you might consume extra calories you didn’t intend to. Here are 15 super simple snack swaps giving you some ideas on how to save up to 200 calories per snack! Let the swaps begin!

1) Yogurt

Swap Greek yogurt for low fat Greek yogurt to save 70 calories.

2) Biscuits

Swap 2 chocolate digestives for 2 rich tea biscuits to save 75 calories.

3) Cake Bar → Apple

Swap a chocolate cake bar for an apple to save 85 calories.

4) Cake → Sorbet

Swap a small piece of chocolate cake for 2 scoops of lemon sorbet to save 90 calories.

5) Nut Butter

Swap a slice of toast with peanut butter for celery & almond butter to save 95 calories.

6) Crackers → Melon

Swap 6 cheddar crackers for some nice juicy watermelon to save 105 calories.

7) Cheese

Swap a slice of cheese on toast for crispbread with pineapple and cottage cheese to save 105 calories.

8) Chocolate Bar → Nuts

Swap a chocolate bar for a small handful of brazil nuts to save 110 calories.

9) Scone → Bun

Swap a scone with jam & clotted cream for a hot crossed bun with butter to save 120 calories.

10) Sandwich

Swap a BLT sandwich for a ham salad sandwich to save 130 calories.

11) Ice Cream → Berries & Jelly

Swap 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream for berries & sugar free jelly to save 135 calories.

12) Sausage Roll → Banana

Swap a small sausage roll for a banana to save 150 calories.

13) Tortilla Chips → Pretzels

Swap tortilla chips for some pretzels to save 150 calories.

14) Crisps → Veg Sticks & Houmous

Swap crisps for veg sticks & houmous to save 195 calories.

15) Eggs

Swap a scotch egg for a boiled egg to save a whopping 210 calories!

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